What  Our Clients say!!


                              FOIL-RITE™ CUSTOMER COMMENTS



Nancy and I could not be happier with what your product did for our home.  The house is much cozier and our heating bill is much lower than in previous years.  We also appreciate the fact that when your crew left, there was nothing to clean up.  It is nice to find a professionally run business that has a great product.      Steve & Nancy – Petoskey, MI



There are no more icicles over our door dripping on my head – thank you!  The rooms farthest from the furnace and wood burner stay warmer longer.  Also, we have seen a noticeable difference in how cool the house is in the summer.  We are very pleased.

Larry & Betty – Petoskey , MI



After following the space program for years I decided to try using aluminum foil in my IGA store to save energy.  That was back in 1971.  I was amazed how well it worked.  When I found out about Foil-Rite I knew I had to have it in my home.  Their professional installation is the best – no worry and no work.  Foil-Rite has the right idea!      B. Morrison – Hillman, MI



I heard about Foil-Rite from a friend who has it in her home.  She was highly complimentary toward the company and its products.  Even my usually skeptical husband was instantly impressed with Foil-Rite and their technology.  Our home was built in 1940.  Adding additional insulation and the Foil-Rite radiant barrier has made a huge difference.  Thank you!

Laurie – Beverly Hills, MI



The company is just wonderful to deal with.  No pushy sales pitch and the installers were very respectful.  Plus, they were the only company around that could install magnetic window insulators like I had in my former residence.  Green technology is so worthwhile.

Vicki – Plymouth, MI



We had Foil-rite installed in the heat of the summer.  We immediately noticed that our home was 10 degrees cooler. This is wonderful since we have no air conditioning.  I can’t wait to see the savings we’ll get this winter.

Tom & Carol – Boyne Falls, MI



Foil-Rite first corrected our insulation and ventilation problem, and then added their foil barrier practically eliminating all of our ice dams and icicles and lowering our heating bill.  We feel it was a worthwhile investment.

Chris & Paul – Vanderbilt, MI